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A sliding door is an alternative closing system that is used mainly for decorative purposes.  Also called as a patio door, it was popularized in the 18th century when contemporary designs began ruling the architectural world. This period marked the popular use of glass as a building material. But the sliding doors were not invented then. There are evidences of the use of sliding doors in the first century at Pompey in Rome. But it was not similar to the ones that we use today. It was just a crude beginners design.
In modern architectural designs, sliding doors are used mainly for two reasons
1.    For added beauty
2.    For saving space
3.    For use as automatic doors, with build in closing and opening mechanisms
Diversified Glass and Mirror offers reputed services in sliding patio doors repair, installation and other services. We know that these provisions are expensive and our customers expect the best form us. Our expert technicians and carpenters know their work and can deliver the best in the minimum time.
At Diversified Glass and Mirror, we offer two kinds of sliding door gears, top hung or bottom rolling systems. The top hung system uses the support of two hangers attached to the top of the door which supports all the weight of the door. The movement of the door is done through a track that is concealed under the grooves for better appeal. This is one of the commonly used sliding doors varieties. But there are some cases in which the hangers cannot support the weight of the door. In such cases bottom rolling system is used. It consists of two bottom rollers that run in the bottom guiding track. It is also supported on the top for added ease of handling. This system needs more effort to be opened and closed than the other types.
We install glass sliding doors for windows, doors, wardrobes and garages. Some customers also ask for sliding shower door installation especially in Miami.  We find that the most popular use of sliding doors is in the showers and front doors. Most of the bath areas have limited space. So of you want to separate the wet area, installing a forward opening door will be less applicable.  The sliding shower door is the best alternative as it saves space and adds style. The front sliding doors add an element of grace and elegance to the house. The sliding patio doors repair is also easy.
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